Rules and Regulations


Safety, Common Sense, and Courtesy should always prevail.


The purpose of this manual is to provide an abbreviated version of the rules and regulations of the Landings of Largo Condominium Association. This manual is not intended as a substitute for the condominium documents. It is the responsibility of the unit owners to ensure that their guests and tenants are familiar with and abide by the rules and regulations.

The Association employs management, staff, and security to see that rules are complied with and that the assets of the association are protected and that the rights of other owners and their guests are protected. 


The facilities of the Landings of Largo Condominium Association, Inc. are for the exclusive use of Association owners and their immediate families, tenants and guests accompanied by an owner and/or tenant.


In order to ensure your comfort and that of your neighbors, radios, stereos and television sets should be turned down to a minimum volume between the hours of10 p.m.and8 a.m.  All other unnecessary noises such as bidding good night to departing guests and slamming car doors between these hours should be avoided.  Your neighbors will appreciate this.

Any heavy noise producing activity or any trade (or do-it-yourself) work such as carpentry, carpet-laying, picture-hanging, etc., must be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. only, Monday through Saturday (Sunday is a quiet day).  No exceptions will be allowed.

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on the property.


No animals of any kind shall be kept in any unit unless authorization is given in writing by the Board of Directors of the Association.  Such consent, if given, shall be revocable by the Board of Directors at any time.
New requests must be made for a new pet.

No animals shall be allowed to commit a nuisance in any public portion of the condominium building or grounds.  Barking will not be tolerated.

The term “pets” shall be limited to dogs, cats, and birds. 

No animals are permitted in the recreational areas, Clubhouse or pool areas.

Pets must be kept on a leash when outside of the owner’s unit.

All pet droppings are to be cleaned up by the owner and be disposed of properly.

Pets are not to be put on balconies in the owner’s absence.

No guest, invitee, family, or tenant of the unit-owner shall be permitted to bring animals of any kind onto the condominium property.

Any pet on the grounds unleashed will be turned over to animal control.

After (3) three violations, the owner will be directed to remove the pet.  Appeals may be made to the Board prior to forced removal of a pet.


For those condominium units that have an atrium, the dimensions thereof are set out in the survey, plot plan and graphic descriptions of the condominium.  All atriums shall be used only for small planting areas and any foliage in the atrium shall not extend over and above the boundaries of the atrium.  Unit owners owning an atrium will be responsible to maintain and service the atrium area in their units.


All owners must have a parking decal on their vehicles.

Owners, renters and guests must park in the space designated for their unit

Only legally licensed drivers are permitted to operate any motor vehicle on condo grounds. 

All vehicles, boats, and trailers must have current registration tags and insurance as well as be operable and in good condition.  All must be registered with the office and show appropriate sticker (and address on trailers) to remain on property. 

Renters must be registered at the office and be given a copy of these regulations, parking instructions, and gate access by owner or agent.  A parking permit must be displayed on the windshield of their car, identifying the unit that they are staying in. There is a $50.00 rental impact fee.

The only motor vehicles allowed to park in the condo complex are cars, motorcycles, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. 

No commercial, lettered vehicles shall be permitted at the condominium, including but not limited to individual carports for an extended period of more than 3 days without prior written consent of the Board of Directors.       

Motor homes, RV’s, campers, box trucks, utility/storage trailers, etc... (Any trailer other than boat /Jet Ski trailers) are not permitted in the Landings except to load or unload for a maximum of 72 hours on the property.  (Exception to rule for Conversion Vans)

Storing any vehicle in a “visitor” parking space is not allowed.  One week without moving the vehicle will be considered as storage.

Parking  your vehicle in another unit’s space without the owner’s permission puts it at risk of being towed without warning, at your expense

Any towing and/or storage charges resulting from an enforcement of any of the above rules are the sole responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle involved.

No vehicle or trailer shall protrude past the end of a unit’s driveway or over the top of parking markers onto common ground.

Owners shall be liable for all damages to the buildings caused by receiving deliveries, or moving or removing furniture or other articles to or from the buildings.  All truck deliveries shall be through the entrances provided by the Manager of the condominium and must be between the hours of8amand6pm.


Owners are not permitted on the roof for any purpose.


Fishing, boating and traps in lake (sanctuary) are not allowed.  This area is restricted common property.  Traps are prohibited in the marina.  Cleaning of fish is restricted to the cleaning station.  Do not cut fish and/or cut bait on the benches in the marina observation/sunset watching area.

All units are limited to a minimum of 28 day rentals.  Owners are not permitted to rent their units daily, weekly or biweekly.  Violators will be notified and infractions are subject to penalties and/or litigation.

Renters must register at the office at their first opportunity, Monday through Friday,8am to 4pm, and be given a copy of these regulations and parking instructions.  A $50.00 rental impact fee must be paid at this time.

It is the responsibility of the owner to provide gate access.
The owner forfeits the use of the common elements and other facilities associated with their unit when they rent or lease it.  The forfeiture lasts for the duration of the rental period.


Toilets and other plumbing shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they are designed.  No diapers, sanitary products or other foreign substances shall be thrown in them.  The cost of any damage resulting from misuse shall be borne by the owner causing the damage.


All garbage must be secured in plastic bags before disposal in dumpsters.

Garbage and household trash only.   No pickup will be made if dumpster contains clippings, branches, furniture, etc. 

Under no circumstances is it permissible to leave trash in the hallways or common areas.

There are two dumpsters at the southeast corner of the property.  These dumpsters are STRICTLY for horticultural cuttings.  The dumping of any kind of garbage or trash will result in a fine.

Disposal of construction waste is not permitted.

White goods (furniture, appliances, etc.) are to be placed in the southeast corner next to the horticulture dumpsters.

Items for Recycling are to be sorted and placed in the blue cans. No items will be accepted in bags.


There shall be no solicitation or fliers left by any person anywhere on the property for any cause, charity, or any purpose whatever, unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors through the Manager.


Employees are under the supervision of the Manager.  All requests for service to be performed by employees must be approved by the Manager.


All children twelve (12) years of age and under shall be supervised by an adult while on the dock, swimming pools, tennis courts, club house and lake areas. All adolescents under the age of 16 must be chaperoned after 10pm.


Food & Beverages to be consumed in common or recreational areas must be in non-breakable containers.  Food & beverages must not be consumed in the pools.


Owners are requested to cooperate with the Manager in the use of the common facilities.

1.     Private Parties and meetings in the clubhouse must be scheduled in advance.  No parties can be reserved on the following holiday weekends:  New Year’s, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  A $100 refundable deposit minus any charge for cleaning or repairs if required. 

2.     The use of common areas shall be limited to those for which they were originally intended and shall not be abused, defaced, littered or obstructed. 

3.     Only tennis shoes are permitted on the tennis courts.  The courts are only to be used to play tennis.

4.     Alterations, repairs, replacements, or changes to the common elements or building exteriors by owners, guests, or renters are not permitted.

5.     Personal storage is not allowed in any common area.


Any unit owner desirous of installing storm shutters must have them approved by the Association prior to installation with respect to type, style, size, material, and color of said storm shutters.


No signs of any kind (other than a notice to be placed on the bulletin board after approval by the Manager), may be installed anywhere on the premises visible from the common grounds.


No noxious or unusual odors shall be generated in such quantities that they permeate to other units and become annoyances or become obnoxious to another unit owner.  Normal cooking odors shall not be deemed violations of this regulation.


No fires, cooking devices or other devices which emit smoke or dust shall be allowed in the front of any unit.  Grills & cookers may be kept behind units or under carports while unit is occupied.  Otherwise, they should be stored in patio area or otherwise secured.

Deep (turkey) fryers are only permitted on the ground level.


Common property such as sidewalks, entrances, driveways, passageways, and courts must be kept open and shall not be obstructed in any manner. 

Specifically the garden unit walkways and landings must be kept completely clear and cannot be used as a personal storage space.

Locking/Chaining items to buildings, fencing, docks or to anything else on property at any time is not allowed.


To maintain in good repair a uniform and pleasing appearance to the exterior of the buildings, no awnings, glass enclosures, projections or other enclosures shall be attached to the outside walls or screened patios or other porches, except with the prior written consent of the Association.  This includes any type of screen or umbrella other than as provided by the Association. 

Standard exterior colors of the buildings shall not be altered. 

Exteriors of carports shall not be altered, except with the prior written consent of the Association.


Owners, their dependents, guests, or tenants, shall not mark, mar, damage, destroy, deface, or engrave any part of the buildings, docks, common areas or landscaping.  Owners shall be financially responsible for any such damage.


Only Satellite TV antennae are allowed with Board Approval.  No other outdoor antennae are permitted by individual unit owners.


Do not wash cars anywhere but by your unit.  Do not wash in the marina area!  Try to conserve water, as it is very costly in the Florida Keys.


Owners who are absent from their unit during hurricane season must prepare their unit prior to departure by:

1.     Owners must CLOSE HURRICANE SHUTTERS if in residence or BEFORE leaving for the season.  If the patio is not shuttered on the exterior, all items such as furniture, pictures, fishing poles, bicycles, lamps, plants, etc. must be removed.

2.     Remove or secure all items under unit, on porches and on balconies.  These items can become missiles causing damage to the owner’s property as well as the property of others.

3.     Empty all refrigerators and freezers of all perishable foods.

4.     Turn off the water in the unit, especially if leaving for the season.

5.     Boat owners must secure their own watercraft.  If not in residence during the hurricane season, remove all vessels from the marina and secure them prior to departing.  Boats shall not be fastened to buildings or other common property.

6.     All Boat Lift manufacturers recommend that boats be removed from boat lifts.

7.     Designating a responsible firm or individual to care for their unit during their absence in the event that the unit suffers hurricane damage. Each Owner shall furnish the Manager with the name of such firm or individual.

8.     Plywood used as shutters must be removed and, holes repaired seven (7) days after storm passing.  If not removed within time frame the Association will remove and make repairs with a charge to the Owner of unit.



Owners shall not allow anything to be thrown, or to fall from windows or doors.  No sweepings, or other substances, shall be permitted to escape to the exterior of the building from the windows or doors.


No enclosures by screening or otherwise of porches or patios can be installed without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. 

All porch and patio screen must be kept in good repair.  No unsightly taping or shoddy repairs will be allowed.

No objects shall be hung from balconies, window sills or hand rails. Cloth, clothing, rugs, or mops must not be hung or shaken from windows, railings or doors.

Railings are not to be used for drying wet items.

Owners are responsible for attending to the repair and cleanliness of the carports under their units (including ceilings & floors).  This also includes the removal of leaves, gravel, unsightly furniture, etc.


Speed limit is 5 mph, so obey and watch for children at all times!

No go-carts, motorized scooters, and non-street legal vehicles are allowed on property.

Bicycling is limited to the parking area and streets.  Hallways, lobbies, tennis courts, docks, pool areas, clubhouse and walkways are off limits to bicycles.

Skateboarding, roller blading and roller skating are only permitted on the roadways of the condominium property.

Owners must abide by right of entry into units in emergencies.  In case of any emergency originating in, or threatening any unit, regardless of whether the owner is present at the time of such emergency, the Board of
Directors of the Association, or any other person authorized by it, or the Manager, shall have the right to enter such unit for the purpose of remedying or abating the cause of such emergency.  Such right of entry shall be immediate. 

To facilitate entry in the event of any such emergency, the owner of each unit must deposit a key to the unit to the Association office.  If an Owner wants a second lock installed as additional security, said owner shall deposit with the Manager a duplicate key for the second lock also for the use in emergencies.

If the unit owner wishes to install a keyless entry system, there must also be a keyed entry to the unit for condo management use.


No live traps are to be used in the Landings of Largo to trap animals unless set by the Landings of Largo maintenance personnel.

No feeding of any wild or feral animals will be permitted.  IMPORTANT:  Iguanas carry and transmit salmonella! 
Feral cats, raccoons, etc. carry and transmit rabies.

No feeding or watering of manatees is permitted, per Federal Law.


Golf carts to be operated only by persons with a license or a restricted license.  Association owned carts are only to be used with the authorization from the Manager.  All carts must comply with the 5mph speed limit.


Trees in common areas can only be planted, removed or trimmed by authorized landscaping personnel.  If an owner wishes to alter landscaping around their unit, a request form must be submitted to the Manager and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  (Forms are in the office.)

All potted plants in common areas (if approved) as well as in/around units (if they can be seen from the common areas), must be maintained and in healthy condition.   All dead plants, broken pots or any unsightly plantings will be removed at the owner’s expense.

It is the purpose of the association to distribute rules and regulations for the use and operation of the marina and boat facilities of the Landings of Largo, and to maintain the same in a clean and sanitary manner. 

The Board of Directors welcomes the assistance of all owners in the enforcement of these regulations.  These rules and regulations will be enforced as follows:

1.     Violations will be pointed out to the offender and should be reported, in writing, to the Manager of the Landings.

2.     The Manager will then call violations to the attention of the owner/renter.  The Manager will also notify the Board of Directors and the Landings Grievance Committee, in writing.  The violation records will be maintained on file for six (6) months.

3.     Disagreements concerning violations will be presented to, and be judged by, the Landings Grievance Committee, which will recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors.

4.     Owners are responsible for compliance of their tenants and guests with these rules and regulations.

5.     Any boat or trailer left on the grounds or in the water is strictly at the owner’s risk.

6.     Penalties:

Parking/docking violations in the watercraft/trailer parking and marina areas will be enforced as posted.  Vehicles or watercraft will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

Other violations of the marina & Boat Units Rules and Regulations, as determined by the Manager and/or the Board of Directors, are subject to the following penalties:

1st Offense – Written warning
2nd Offense – $50 Fine / towed
3rd Offense – $100 Fine / towed

The marina and boat unit facilities of the Landings of Largo Condominium Association, Inc. are for the exclusive use of association members and/or legal tenants and guests.  (Tenant is a person who leases for no less than 28 days.) 

Said facilities shall only be used for boat units and dockage purposes. 

No rafting of any boats.

There shall be only one watercraft docked in any boat unit at any time. 

There shall be no boat or watercraft docking other than in designated, numbered boat units.

All owners, legal tenants, guests, and company/corporate watercraft utilizing Landings of Largo property must have vessels registered at the condominium office. 

Proof of liability insurance, minimum of $100,000, must be on file and updated annually. 

All watercraft must display Landings of Largo decal on port (left) side, rear corner. 

Legal tenants, guests and company/corporate watercraft will be issued temporary decals prior to launch.

Guest Boats – Unit owners will be responsible for the following concerning guest boats/trailers:

1.     Must be pre-registered with office.

2.     Registration includes proof of ownership and certificate of insurance with minimum liability of $100,000.

3.     Office will issue guest boat/trailer stickers to unit owner which must be placed on boat and trailer belonging to guest.

There shall be no structures, fixtures, pilings, or accessories added to any of the facilities without written approval of the Board of Directors. Owners will assume responsibility for the maintenance and liability of approved structures.

No boat unit shall be used for repairs or outfitting of any boat.  No major repairs, including painting or varnishing, of any watercraft shall be permitted in the marina or any of the facilities without prior permission from the Manager. 

No watercraft shall be fueled in the marina except by licensed commercial fueling companies under contract to the Landings of Largo. 

Only biodegradable chemicals or cleaner/detergent solutions can be used in the marina. 

All facilities shall be kept clean and unobstructed.

There shall be no dumping or disposal of refuse or polluting of the water adjoining any of the facilities.

No boat unit shall be used as part of a commercial activity.

The marina launch ramp is equipped with a cable locked gate to prohibit use by other than those specified in #1 of these MARINA & BOAT UNITS RULES & REGULATIONS.  A key to the lock is available to unit owners at the condominium office.   The cable locked gate across the boat ramp MUST be reattached and locked after use.

No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried out on or upon any of the facilities, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become a liability risk, annoyance or nuisance to any other boat unit owner or any condominium owner in the Landings of Largo.

Overnight lodging in a vessel moored at the Marina is prohibited.

Fish must be cleaned at the designated fish cleaning station - Clean and hose down after each use.  Bones and carcasses (eyeballs pierced) are to be thrown into deep water (marina side of dock).  Do not place them in any common area trash container/dumpster or shallow water.

No feeding or watering of manatees is permitted in the marina, per federal law.

All marina faucets / spigots must be turned off after use.

Boat unit owners and their renters shall be liable to the Association for any damages caused by their vessels to the docks or marina facilities.

Watercraft may not exceed the length of the boat slip.


No children under twelve (12) years of age are allowed on docks / piers without a supervising adult.

No bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards, roller blades or similar conveyance are allowed on the docks / piers.

No recreational swimming in the marina.

All watercraft must be operated at idle speed in the marina.

All watercraft must be kept in a state of good repair and docked with safe mooring lines.

Any tripping hazard (wires, hoses, lines, etc.) are not permitted to cross docks / piers.


Parking / Storage:

Marina parking area on the north side of the boat ramp is for three (3) day temporary use for boats and trailers.  Three (3) marina parking spaces on the south side of the boat ramp have been designated for long-term boat & trailer parking.

The space next to the boat ramp is designated for 10-minute parking to be used for loading and unloading only. 

Observe all posted parking space signage.  

No vehicle parking is allowed in any designated watercraft and/or trailer area.

Only one watercraft / trailer per condominium unit can be stored on designated common property.

Violator’s property will be removed at owner’s expense.

All trailers at the Landings of Largo must be in good operating condition to allow for emergency relocation.  All trailers must bear Landings of Largo decal on the left side of tongue.  Temporary tags will be issued for trailers belonging to legal tenants.  Locked trailers are not permitted on Landings property.

All watercraft and trailers must be parked under owner’s unit, or if owner has only two parking spaces at their unit, they may park at the northeast or southeast corner (sewer plant area) of Landings property.  IF NO SPACE IS AVAILABLE IN THE AREAS DESIGNATED AS BOAT/TRAILER PARKING, YOU MUST PARK OFF THE PROPERTY. 

No one is permitted to move trailers or boats belonging to other owners, without the permission of the owner or the Manager.

The Board of Directors suggests that all watercraft be removed from the marina when the National Weather Service declares a hurricane watch.

All watercraft stored on property must drain properly.  


Parking / docking violations in the watercraft / trailer parking and marina areas will be enforced as posted.  Vehicles or watercraft will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Other violations of the marina rules and regulations, as determined by the Manager and/or the Board of Directors, are subject to the following penalties:

1st OFFENSE – Written warning

2nd OFFENSE – $50 Fine / towed

3rd OFFENSE – $100 Fine / towed